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Sick kids

These days we see more and more sick kids just coming and going and this is something that preoccupies my thoughts. Yes, I am really worried over how children health has gone from more or less to bad and we see children that are obese, something that you didn't see ten or twenty years ago. So what is this all about? Well, let me explain something to have this clear. I do believe that this has to do with the childhood asthma that is being seen today and this is having the effects on our children that they get ...

A Cinderella story

OMG I can not believe it. I am invited to a wedding in France. That's my cousin who studied art in France who met his soultmate there. Having also good with money is nothing that makes it all the worse. The wedding will be held at a castle and when I Googled it, it's the sheer Cinderella story. I can not believe it and I'm so  lucky that I get to come to the wedding. I who love this kind of romance.. I like castles and grand wedding dresses and I love my cousin.


It's very annoying to have a neckache, but still it happens to me every so many years. Maybe it's some kind of strange move I make without realizing, maybe it's the cold or the way I lie in my bed, I don't know. But it happens and it usually takes a long time before it's gone again. I don't take any medication I must say and I also do not do any special exercises, I just try to relax a bit and wait until it's over, which usually takes more than a week. It may be a good idea to ...